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Cabbage Patch Kids Coloring Pages

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Cabbage Patch Kids were originally crafted by Xavier Roberts in 1976. As these dolls were crafted by sculpting them with needle and thread, Xavier started calling his creations "Little People".
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Not one of these dolls were the same, each one had a different feature of some sort whether it was the hair color or shape of the nose making them very unique.
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Mattel now creates many versions of the Cabbage Patch kids, waiving away from the original form of cloth bodies and faces, to either having a cloth body and vinyl head or the newest version of an entire vinyl body.

Barbapapa Coloring Pages

Barbapapa Coloring Pages 001
Barbapapa himself is a generally pear-shaped, pink shapeshifting blob-like creature who stumbles upon the human world and tries to fit in. The shapeshifting is usually accompanied by the saying "Clickety Click—Barba Trick"
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After various amusing adventures, he comes across a female of his species (more shapely, and black-coloured), named Barbamama. They produce seven children, known as the Barbababies, each a different colour:
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Cars Coloring Pages

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